Our Services

Our Tree Services

We are a service oriented company striving to provide the best tree care and tree service possible so that you can reap the benefits of having the healthy and beautiful landscape that you desire.

Tree Pruning and Plant Health Care

Regular tree maintenance is important to ensure that your trees and shrubs are healthy and structurally sound. Pruning is by far the most common tree service we provide. Tree pruning is one of the most beneficial tree care practices allowing for the removal of diseased and damaged branches while establishing sound structure. Regular maintenance also provides for inspection, so any problems encountered can be diagnosed and dealt with early in a proactive manner.

Tree Planting

Planting trees and shrubs is an investment that can be maximized by selecting the right tree for the right place and by employing the best planting practices. Many future problems can be averted by having an arborist advise on both tree selection and planting. We are happy to provide this service along with advice to assist with your next tree planting project.

Tree Removals

Tree removals are sometimes required as a last resort tree service when other tree management practices don’t bring about the desired outcome. The tree removal service we provide is safe and efficient employing industry best practises. We also also provide a stump grinding service which allows for replanting trees or shrubs, planting grass or garden expansion.