Planting trees is rarely considered an investment, but research has shown that properly cared-for trees can significantly increase property value. Beyond financial value, trees can also provide significant environmental and aesthetic benefits such as:

  • Shade,
  • Habitat for birds and other wildlife,
  • Blocking wind,
  • Blocking unsightly views and noise,
  • Provide privacy screening,
  • Aesthetic interest, including spring flowers, fall colour, and majestic form

Chinook Arbor Services is committed to ensuring that Calgary has a thriving urban forest and provides an unparalleled tree-planting service. We source our trees from local nurseries specializing in prairie hardy plants, so you have the best chance of success for your new trees.

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Trees are an investment, so we take great care in how they are planted. As certified arborists, we follow the Best Management Practices defined by the ISA; this will give your new tree a healthy start, allowing it to reach maturity. After-planting care is also essential; we can advise on what is required.

Tree stock size is an important consideration. Often a larger tree is desired at planting time, leading to increased costs due to the extra time required to grow the stock and the increased effort (and machinery) needed. We can help you maximize your tree planting investment by ensuring you get the best quality and appropriately sized stock for your project.

Selecting the ‘right tree for the right place’ is an often used phrase in the tree services industry, and this is not always an easy task given the variability of trees and locations. We are experts at planting trees and would be glad to help you – give us a call!