Stump Removal

When planning to remove a tree, the stump removal (stump grinding) is often considered an afterthought. Depending on the size and location of a stump, leaving it is not ideal and, in many cases, is simply not an option.

Before proceeding with stump removal, it is best to consider the plans for that location. Knowing this will help decide how deep the stump grind will need to be. If planting a tree or garden is the next step after stump removal, the stump grind should be deep enough (12 or more inches) to accommodate this. A depth of 6-8 inches is likely sufficient if the area is to be re-sodded.

We can make this happen regardless of location. If you need a stump removed – contact us!

Stump grinding can be messy, with stump chips and debris spread over a large area. Clean-up and potential property damage are things to consider before you select a company to perform the stump removal. Check out our article How to Select an Arborist for help, or call us; we would be glad to help!

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The images below show a stump grind in progress; the carnage from grinding a stump is apparent. The excellent clean up afterward is the quality of service you can expect from Chinook Arbor Services!