Large removal partially complete

Dropping A Large Tree Top

Trees come in all shapes and sizes; some are enormous. The poplar in this post was estimated to be approximately 100 feet tall, and there was no way this would fit in the yard without causing severe property damage. The only viable solution was to rig the tree top down. The arborist in the video was tied in at approximately 65 feet.

If you have a large tree and are considering removal, we can help.

Here it Goes…

In the corresponding video, you can estimate the size of the tree top by comparing it to the arborist. If you listen carefully, you can hear the crunch of the branches as the top swings into the main spar. The ground worker – not visible in the video – does an excellent job of ‘letting the top run,’ allowing the tree top to fall well below the arborist before it impacts the spar. Letting the top run also reduces shock loading, preventing significant shock loading on the climbing system, climber and rigging system.