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At Chinook Arbor, we have the expertise and skill to keep your trees vibrant and thriving. We are a full-service tree care company providing tree services to residential and commercial clientele.

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Note: We offer contract climbing to our industry peers.

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Greg was very thorough on his assessment of the needs of my trees. He was efficient, professional, passionate about his work, and did a great job keeping to his timeline, quote and clean up. I would highly recommend his services for your tree care.
Deborah Skelton
Deborah Skelton
Chinook was the first to arrive of several quotes I had requested. Greg gave positive and friendly advice about 7 trees on our property. They did not use fear tactics or upsales for additional work. The quote was honest and forthright, with the needs of the home and the trees both being considered. The work was done quickly and efficiently, and the cleanup left the yard looking cleaner than it was found, despite having removed 2 whole evergreens. I highly recommend Greg and Chinook Arbor services for any of your Calgary tree pruning needs.
Gordon Bird
Gordon Bird
Greg provided a professional service in a timely manner. He also educated us through the process of cutting trees and things to look out for during our next adventures with planting new trees. Service price was good, while we were really impressed with the effort put towards stump grinding. 12" deep and about 8ft radius, which is no joke. Highly recommended!
Monica Goulikar
Monica Goulikar
Greg and his crew were timely, professional, and knowledgeable. Their climbing skills are superior and their rates are competitive. 10/10 would hire again
Jeremiah Erhardt
Jeremiah Erhardt
Excellent, knowledgeable, experienced, service provided. Greg offers a holistic, pragmatic approach to caring for your trees. We had a treeline requiring trimming, thinning to allow for a new fence. Greg considered everything from the continued health of our trees, to the shade provided to our house, to privacy for neighbours and us, and to the people installing the fence. It's clear to me that Greg is extremely knowledgeable about trees and will do his very best to make sure that his customers trees can co-exist, thrive and grow and be an asset to the property. Greg also provided us a detailed estimate for a task that at first I'd consider to be a bit of an art. He has a pretty good idea of what he will have to do to complete the job and provided details on how this will be done and how much it will cost. I highly recommend Greg to help with trimming and tree removal
Keith Moon
Keith Moon
I have requested two stems removal and the trimming of a tree that leaned over the power coards. Greg came the next day to give the estimate, the price was affordable comparing to 4 other arborists. The job was scheduled and done in time, very professionally. Greg took all the wood off the site and left the site clean and neat. Highly recommended. Thank you!
Luda Neville
Luda Neville

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