Services that we Offer

Chinook Arbor Services is a locally owned and operated business of tree care professionals providing the highest quality tree services throughout Calgary and surrounding areas. We desire to help you get the most from your trees by providing you with the expertise you can trust and count on.


Pruning trees is the process of selectively removing branches to accomplish a desired goal while promoting tree health. For many trees, an experienced hand is required as this task can be more complicated and physically demanding than it initially appears. We are here to help with the extensive experience and required equipment – Reach Out to find out more.

Tree Pruning


Planting trees has many benefits and is often considered a noble endeavour. We are here to help whether you are planting small seedlings, potted trees or large calliper trees wrapped in burlap. Proper planting of trees is one of the most critical factors in a tree’s future success and requires expertise and often heavy equipment. We are skilled and fully equipped to Help You with your next planting project.

tree planting

Tree Removal

Tree removal can be necessary for many reasons, and we can help with that. Tree removal is not a task to be taken lightly due to the inherent risk of injury and property damage. We have the expertise and equipment to remove even the most challenging trees safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively – Contact Us to find out more.

tree removal

Stump Removal

After removing a tree, a stump is often left as a stark reminder of the tree that once was. Stump removal can be a challenging chore and requires significant effort and equipment. We have the ability and equipment to remove any stump regardless of size and location. If you have a stump that you would like removed – Give Us a Call.

Stump Removal

Plant Health Care

Plant health care (PHC) is the practice of managing trees and shrubs holistically for health structure and appearance. With many things tree-related, PHC requires specialized knowledge about trees and their surrounding environment. If you have concerns about the health and appearance of your trees and shrubs, don’t hesitate to Contact Us.



Tree care is a specialized branch of horticulture and requires specific training and expertise to maximize the benefits that trees provide. If you have questions about the health of your trees, required maintenance, species selection for your next planting project, or if you should remove a tree due to risk – We Can Help.


Tree Surgery

Tree surgery is the process of helping a tree survive and thrive longer in the landscape, often by providing supplemental support systems. This process is often called bolting (bracing) and cabling. We have significant experience in this area of practice and can assess your tree for suitability and install the required hardware to keep your tree from breaking unexpectedly. Give Us a Call.

Clean Up

Trees, for all their beauty and glory, can leave quite a mess after a storm resulting in a complex undertaking to clean up. With our experience and equipment, we can help make this task less daunting and have your yard back to normal in no time. If you have the misfortune of having a tree damaged or destroyed by a weather event, We Can Help.


Contract Climbing

Tree climbers are very skilled arborists that are in short supply. We provide contract climbing services to our peers in the arboricultural industry. If you are short-staffed and need a hand, Give Us a Call.