Tree work in progress - all that work determines the cost of tree removal in Calgary.

Tree Removal Cost in Calgary

A question often asked is, “What does it cost to remove a tree in Calgary?” There is often no straightforward answer to how much tree removal will cost in Calgary, as many factors can affect prices. This blog post will examine some of the more critical cost factors and explore cost-saving options.

Factors Influencing Tree Removal Cost

  • Tree type – For tree removals, we generally categorize trees as deciduous (broad-leafed trees such as ash, aspen, poplar) or conifers (needle and cone-bearing trees such as pine, fir and spruce trees).
  • Tree size – Larger (often older) trees have more wood and branches, which can increase the complexity and effort required to cut down and dispose of.
  • Location – Where is the tree located on the property? A front yard tree with easy street access will be easier to remove than a backyard tree far from the street.  
  • Tree health – Is the tree alive, dead, or dying? Dead or dying trees can pose significant safety hazards due to the unpredictability of dead/decaying wood.
  • Effort – As hinted at in the points above, the cost of tree removal increases proportionately to the required effort.
  • Complexity – Large or hazardous trees require more time, skill, and equipment to remove safely. Factors that increase complexity relate to what might go wrong and what is needed to mitigate risks.

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Cost Saving Strategies

Some cost-saving strategies that clients may look at to reduce costs are:

  • Tree Retention – that’s right! Trees can be valuable assets (they may increase property value and curb appeal, not to mention environmental benefits) if they are well-maintained and healthy. Keeping and maintaining a tree is often far cheaper than removing it.
  • Keep the wood for firewood. Note: It is unlawful to keep wood from elm trees. See the following link regarding elm tree wood –
  • Have the arborist cut the tree down and dispose of the wood, brush, and debris themselves. Please – do not underestimate the amount of effort and equipment required to dispose of the material from a mature tree.
  • Opt not to have the stump ground or have it ground later.

Given all that we have discussed, the average cost to remove a tree in Calgary ranges between $800 to $1200, with prices ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

The best way to get an accurate cost for a tree removal in Calgary is to schedule a no-obligation quote. One of our skilled arborists will conduct an on-site visit, with a written quote sent afterwards.

Although price is essential, a company’s reputation, skill, and safety practices are of greater significance. Tree removal can be tricky and dangerous as no tree removal is ever the same. 

For Information on How to Select an Arborist, please see our blog post or give us a call.

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