Tree Removal

Removing trees can be a simple exercise that takes only a few minutes for a small tree to several days for a large specimen that must be taken apart and pieced down carefully. As a full-service tree care company, we are equipped and skilled to handle any tree removal; however, we prefer to examine retention options first. We view tree retention as the desired option, as trees (huge ones) are incredible community resources that provide many benefits. If retention is impossible, we can help remove your tree safely, efficiently and cost-effectively.


The tree that is the subject of this post was one of the largest trees in the neighbourhood, but the owners were not happy with the risk this tree posed. If you click on the image (it will enlarge), you can see that many of the large branches in the crown have experienced significant storm damage. A large cavity at about head height also results from a poor pruning cut.


Removing this tree took two days, with many branches and much of the wood requiring rigging to prevent property damage. Once the crown was removed, placing larger pieces in the yard was possible.


Tree Removal Completed

Tree removal is often viewed as getting the tree to the ground – unfortunately, that is only one-third of the task. Removing the brush, wood and debris and cleaning the yard can be an enormous task. This tree removal generated about 20 cubic yards of wood and about 15 cubic yards of brush and debris.

Considering the large amount of ‘waste’ material generated from this tree – all of it was repurposed. Brush and debris were composted at Calgary’s composting facility, while wood was used as firewood and for woodworking.